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How to limit how many times a member can perform an action. (Example: Only allowing a customer to book certain appointments.)


Here is how to count the number of clicks on an element & save that number to a member's profile. This approach can be used on many different platforms.


Step 1:

Add a New Field on the Forms & Fields page as "click count". We recommend hiding the field so members can't see or edit the count in their profile.



Step 2:
Add a button on a member page with an id of "addCount". The HTML would look similar to this.
<a id="addCount" href="#">Count Click</a>


Step 3:
Add the following code before the closing </body> tag in your HTML. This code may not function properly if placed in the header.

// global variable that will be increased on click.
var clickCount;
// Memberstack code that gets the member information.
MemberStack.onReady.then(function (member) {
// gets the click count field info from memberstack or starts with 0 if not found.
clickCount = member["click-count"] || 0;
console.log("memberstack count: " + clickCount);
// adds event listener to button with the addCount id.
document.getElementById("addCount").addEventListener("click", function () {
function clickCounter(memberstackMember) {
// increments the clickCount number by 1.
console.log("current count = " + clickCount);
// updates the members profile if clickCount is equal to or less than 5.
if (clickCount <= 5) {
memberstackMember.updateProfile({ "click-count": clickCount }, false)
} else {
document.getElementById("addCount").removeEventListener("click", function () {

function clickCounterOff() {
console.log("Clicks turned off for clickCounter");


Now when a member clicks on the button, it will be added to their profile field and increment with every click and limit it to a certain amount! Congratulations! 🎉

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