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Using Memberstack 2.0? You will find the updated version of this article here. 

Here is a list of ways you can get support from the Memberstack team!

At Memberstack we take customer support seriously. Even though we have a small team, we try to be available as much as possible.


When asking the team a question please be specific as possible and let us know the following:

  • Email used for your Memberstack account

  • Website name you are referring to in Memberstack

  • Website URL

  • Website builder/framework you are using

  • Your coding/Javascript experience - We want to make sure we match your level of experience so you can understand as much as possible.


Here is a list of ways you can get support from Memberstack:

  • Our Help Center - We are actively adding as much information as possible to our Help Center. The search bar works really well. If you do not find the answer you are looking for please let us know here.

  • Chat with us- This can be seen within our app/dashboard. Look for a blue chat icon toward the bottom of the page.

  • Email us - You can email us any time.

  • Our Community - If you are looking to learn from other Memberstackers, check out our wonderful community!

Do you have a phone number I can call?

We do not have a phone number because it's hard to support customers without seeing where they are having problems. We do however enjoy getting on video meetings when appropriate to share each other's screen and get you on the right path.


What are your support hours?

Our team is spread across the globe. We work to answer any support questions within 24 hours during the workweek and have weekends off.


How do I add a feature request?

You are in luck! We have launched the ability for our customers to add and vote on different features for future development here. This also allows us to update anyone interested in the feature requests while we work behind the scenes.

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