What are unsupported use cases with V1 of Memberstack?

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Memberstack is a powerful platform with room to grow.

The Memberstack team is working hard to improve the product for you. That being said, we have more work to do. Here is a list of known use cases we do not support yet but hopefully will in the future.

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  • Billing anchors. It's not possible to pick a single billing date for all members.

  • Dynamic tax rates. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Multi-level members (tiered memberships or child memberships).

  • Multicurrency - Each website can only be assigned a single type of currency. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Multiple member-specific pages. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Choose your own pricing. (e.g. I want members to decide how much to pay.)

  • Using a different authentication system. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Ability to pause memberships. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Passing member passwords to any other third-party service like Zapier or Integromat.

  • Password only login.

  • Social logins (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Developing on localhost. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Websites without an SSL/HTTPS.

  • Hosted pages. As of now, Memberstack does not host any pages.

  • Redirect user after a password reset. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Marketplaces.

  • Cart abandonment information.

  • Needing to have a free trial when upgrading/downgrading. Its currently only possible to have free trials if the member is signing up for the first time. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Two memberstack.js script tags in <head>.

  • Timed expiration on recurring memberships. It's only possible to create a one-time membership with an expiration.

  • Multiple memberships. Currently, each member can only have one membership at a time. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Upsells to Memberships.

  • Add-ons to Memberships. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0
  • Changing a member's free membership through Zapier, Integromat, or our API. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Changing a member's paid membership Zapier, Integromat, or our API. 
  • Import paid members. It's currently only possible to import free members. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Multiple membership options on checkout.

  • Upload files to Memberstack. It's only possible to store text.

  • Prevent multiple logins from different computers/devices.

  • Members without a membership. Memberships are required to sign up. 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0

  • Change Memberstack site owner (by request only). 🎉 Part of Memberstack 2.0


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