Why does my page keep refreshing?

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Josh Lopez
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Using Memberstack 2.0? This issue has been fixed. If you're still having problems please create a new post here.

How to stop the page from refreshing over and over again.


Difficulty level: Easy

Technical background needed: Beginner

Estimated time required to complete: 2 minutes


What and Why?

The page only stops refreshing when I remove the Memberstack script from the head element.


This usually happens when adding Members Only Content without adding a URL in the "Hide pages & folders" field and leaving the "Access denied page" field blank. This causes Memberstack to get in a never-ending loop of redirects.





To stop this from happening you either need to remove the blank field from the "Hide pages & folders" section, add a URL, or remove the entire Members Only Content group until you have a page ready.



redirect loop

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