What are Memberstack's supported platforms & website builders?

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Here is an ever-growing list of website builders and platforms Memberstack currently supports.


Memberstack takes only a couple of things to work. You need to have a website with an SSL (https://), the ability to add a script tag in your head tag and add data attributes to elements. If you have the knowledge and ability to use these things, you should be able to get Memberstack to work. Here are a couple of known platforms and website builders used by our customers.


ATTENTION: After much consideration, we have decided to end support for Card, Squarespace, and Duda.




  • Great integration with Zapier & Integromat.

  • Easy to add metadata and script tag.


  • CMS item limitations.

Squarespace (Unsupported)


  • The website editor is less intimidating than others.

  • Memberstack script disabled in the editor.


  • No integration with Zapier & Integromat.

  • Have to disable ajax navigation for Memberstack to work fully.

  • Difficult to add data attributes to elements.

  • Form blocks do not have password fields and cannot be used. Instead, use a code embed instead.

Duda (Unsupported)


  • Memberstack script disabled in the editor.

  • Integration with Zapier.


  • Need to allow third-party scripts (Not on default).

  • Using store breaks Memberstack (Store turns on ajax).

Carrd (Unsupported)


  • Easy to add data attributes.


  • Only Pro Plus allows Zapier integration.

Wordpress (Unsupported)

This website builder is still in beta. We only suggest trying to use Wordpress with Memberstack if you know how to create custom themes and plugins.



Custom HTML/JavaScript


  • All functionality will work if you have enough JavaScript experience.


  • None.


React (in beta)

See docs for additional info


Vue (in beta)

See docs for additional info

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