How to use the member metadata feature for developers

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Using Memberstack 2.0? There is an updated version of this article here.

Store external ID's on a member object in proper JSON format.

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What and Why?

We added this feature to give you an easy way to store valid JSON data with a member. This makes it easier to link a member in Memberstack to an external document using an ID. Previously, you would have to use custom fields (which were not valid JSON) or the Member JSON Object (which was not associated directly with a member) which lead to some weird issues.



How to update/edit Metadata

The easiest way to update Metadata right now is via the back-end API or by clicking a member in the member's dashboard and selecting the Metadata tab.


Note: Metadata has a limit of 25 fields and a character limit of 250.


You cannot access metadata via the Front-end API, data attributes, or Zapier.
If you need to update/store additional information on a member, we recommend using custom fields or updating a member's JSON object via the Front-End API.


Exporting Metadata

Metadata is included automatically when you export your member list.


Keywords: Metadata, exporting, zapier, JS, edit, update, JSON, object

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