Why is Memberstack showing up when I post on Linkedin, Slack, Etc?

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Josh Lopez
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A picture of the Memberstack homepage will appear in your social posts when you've added the Require javascript code to your site, and you didn't replace the link to Memberstack's homepage.


Problem → Some platforms will send a bot to your site to gather site info, images, etc, but the bot may not run javascript, in which case, the bot will navigate to whatever link is in the no-js redirect code.



Step 1 → Place the required javascript code on specific pages with members-only content. Ideally, you won't add the code to your homepage.


Step 2 → Change the https://www.memberstack.io link to a page on your website. The page you link to should not include the required JS header script. If it does, it will redirect infinitely.


Note: If you are using the NoScript tag on their website and are trying to share a link to the page on a third-party website like LinkedIn, the information shared will come from the redirect page instead of the link you want. The link will still go to the correct page, but the metadata will come from the redirect page. In this case, adding metadata that resembles your homepage to your redirect page would be best.

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