Why are my members getting random charges when upgrading or downgrading memberships?

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Josh Lopez

Using Memberstack 2.0? There is an updated version of this article here.

When enabled, Memberstack automatically charges a prorated amount when upgrading to a recurring membership (if you signed up before November 24th, 2020, this feature will be enabled by default).

You can find the "Enable prorations" toggle on the Site settings page.


What does prorating do?

When a member changes their membership before the current period ends, they have a positive outstanding balance. In other words, they paid for unused time, and that unused time will carry over as a price discount.


For example: If a member joins a $100/mo plan → waits for 15 days (they used $50) → and upgrades to a $200/mo plan they will receive an invoice for $150, which is the new $200 plan minus the remaining $50 balance from their first purchase.


Note: The prorated amount is not reflected in the checkout UI (yet). This is something we want to improve ASAP. At the moment, members will think they are paying full price, but will actually receive an invoice for a lesser amount.


One-time Memberships

The checkout total is not pro-rated when changing to or from a one-time membership.


✅ Recurring → Recurring

❌ Recurring → One-time

❌ One-time → Recurring


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    Harsh Rawat

    I am using memberstack for my webflow membership website but when I am upgrading from pro to pro+ they are charging both prorated charge and real charge of that plan and doubling my price. And in attributes I have used data-ms-price:update="PRICE ID" for both pro and pro+. Please help ASAP


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