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Please be aware: Memberstack no longer officially supports our integration with Squarespace. It's unlikely we'll have the capacity to provide support, fix bugs, or add features going forward. 

What to do when Squarespace rejects a Memberstack link.

Squarespace is very picky about the types of links you can or cannot add. You may notice that it's not possible to add a # to the actual URL of a page or add a # to the URL slug of a folder. 



Luckily, there's a workaround. Instead of adding #/ms links directly to the page slug, you can use custom links which point to a page on your site.



Note: you don't have to use the entire page link. For example, instead of using the direct link https://www.mysite.com/basic-content, you can leave out the first half and only use /basic-content. 

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