Public Profiles, Marketplaces, and Member Directories (Craigslist, Dribbble, etc)

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We didn't build Memberstack with public profiles in mind, but it is technically possible.


Here's a great example. It was built by Connor, who kindly shared his back-end & process at


An important thing to know is that Memberstack is built around private profiles, meaning only a member or an admin is able to access member information. If you want to display member information outside of Memberstack, you'll need to use Webhooks or Zapier to pull that information out of Memberstack and host it somewhere else.


Since member data will exist in two places, you'll need to keep it synced using a 3rd party database tool like Airtable, your website builder's CMS, or Google Sheets and Zapier to pass data to and from Memberstack.


Note: We're unable to provide additional support or guidance outside of the features provided by Memberstack.


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