How to manually change a member's membership

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Using Memberstack 2.0? There is an updated version of this article here.

Need to update a member's membership? We have a few solutions for you.

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What and Why?

You may need to update a member's membership at some point. We have 3 solutions: transfer to a free membership, transfer to a paid membership (require payment), or transfer to a paid membership (without payment).


Transfer to a free membership

It's easy to manually grant access to a free membership.

If you transfer a paying member to a free plan, it cannot be manually undone.


Step 1 → Go to the Members page.

Step 2 → Search for or select the member you want to update.

Step 3 → Click on the "Membership" tab.

Step 4 → Select the new membership from the dropdown.

Step 5 → Click "Confirm Change" to save your changes.

Step 6 → Memberstack will automatically update their membership, usually within 3-6 seconds.



Note: If you don't see an option to "Change membership," it's either because you only have one free membership and the member is already on that plan, or you don't have any free memberships.


Transfer to a paid membership (require payment)

You can't manually transfer members to a paid membership yet, but we do have a workaround.


Create a public or secret page that allows members to change their own membership. You can create this page by adding signup links or attributes. Your members must be logged in when they select their new plan to avoid this error.


Note: If a customer is "downgrading" from an expensive recurring plan to a cheaper, recurring plan, Memberstack will automatically pro-rate the difference.


Transfer to a paid membership (without payment)

Admin can't manually transfer members to a paid membership yet, but you do have a few options:


Option 1) Create a duplicate membership that doesn't require payment & manually update their membership (instructions above). This cannot be manually undone.

Option 2) Give them a coupon or apply a credit to their account. Learn more →

If you go this route, ask your member to log in before selecting their new plan.


Note: Bulk updates are not available at this time.


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