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Give members a way to sign up or log in to your website with as little friction as possible.

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Signup modals

Members can access your signup modal by clicking a signup button on your site. To create a signup button, you'll need to copy a link from the membership page and paste it into a button on your site.


Step 1 → Create a membership.
Step 2 → Click the green bolt icon to the right to expose the signup link.



Step 3 → Add the signup link to a button on your site & publish.


The result will be something very similar to what's below. You can customize the brand color and logo and collect additional information via custom fields.



Login modal

Members can access your login modal by clicking on a button with a #/ms/login link. You can find the login link and additional settings on the Login section of the Forms & Fields page. 



By default, the "Need an account? Sign up here" link will be disabled. You can enable this feature on the Forms & Fields page.



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