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Need more control over the cancelation process? Add the following code to your site header ABOVE the Memberstack script.


[ms-lang="profile_confirm_cancel"] {visibility: hidden;}


window.textOverride = {"profile_period_end": "CANCELATION INSTRUCTIONS HERE",}


The <style> tag will hide the “Confirm your Cancelation” button. The <script> tag will tell users what they need to do next. Replace the text in ALL CAPS.


Important: We highly recommend including a separate and easy-to-find cancelation button so users don't have to search too much.




You may also want to include a cancellation feedback form to find out why customers are leaving. Below is a step by step on how to include a cancellation flow:


Step 1 - Users click the 'Cancel' button, which takes them to a page with a feedback box.



Step 2 - A 'reason for leaving' box appears, allowing customers to give their feedback.



Step 3 - A green bar appears, letting customers know their subscription will finish at the end of the billing period. Plus, a good ol' meme!



Note: If you want to end a customer's account immediately, you will need to manually do this in Stripe and select 'end immediately.'

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