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Josh Lopez

Using Memberstack 2.0? There is an updated version of this article here.

Create pages on your site that are only accessible to members you designate. Every member can have their own specific page.

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What and Why?

Use this feature to create member-specific pages on your website. You can create and assign pages to members manually, or you can use our Zapier integration to automatically create and update pages when a new member signs up.


*Note: Please make sure the platform you are using has the actions available to create pages from Zapier.


This works with Content Management Systems (CMS) pages or regular pages.‍



Step 1 → Navigate to the Power-ups page when logged in to enable "Member-specific pages."



Step 2 → On your site, create a folder or CMS collection. When that's done, enter the slug (url without the domain name like "client-area/") to hide it. Next, decide where to send non-members who try to access a page in the hidden folder.


Step 3 → Copy the "#/ms/member-page/default" text & paste it into a link or button as a "href" on your website. Members need this button to access and/or get back to their specific page.

Note: Memberstack automatically hides the button from members and visitors who don't have a specific page.



Step 4 → Create a user-specific page on your website, and then create an account for your new member. You will need to do this with a signup form on your site, or via the New Members button on your Members page.


If you haven't already, navigate to the Members page and enter the URL of the user's specific page OR try our Zapier integration to create and update members' pages automatically.



Step 5 → If you want to automatically redirect users/members to their page when they log in, just click the "Send members to their page on login" toggle button. We still recommend including a "#/ms/member-page/default" link on your website so users/members can get back to their page after browsing your website.


Keywords: member, specific, pages, accessible, user, redirect, zapier, assign


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  • Comment author
    Lavinia Mehedintu


    Is this feature still available? I can't find Member-Specific Pages in Power-ups -> Security.


  • Comment author
    Josh Lopez

    This is available only for webflow at the moment. Carrd does not have a zapier app that lets you create pages automatically.

  • Comment author
    ana espinosa gonzalez

    Is member specific pages available for more than one CMS collection in webflow?

    I have created two different membership but I can only hide one CMS. 

    I cant create a folder in webflow that host the CMS bc thats not possible.

    Any solution?

  • Comment author
    Josh Lopez

    Hey Ana 👋

    Great question! This feature is not available for more than one cms collection at the moment. Other customers that have multiple memberships put everything in a single collection and add a field for a membership type that they use to filter.

  • Comment author
    Tools Magnettü

    Hi All

    This feature seems to be quite useful. However, when setting a specific page for a user, I lose access to that page... How can I act as an admin and access to all specific pages?

    I have a membership with access to "dashboard/" (member-only content). And all works fine. I'm able to access all sites under "dashboard/" with my user. But if I assign "dashboard/name" to a specific user, I instantly lose access to that page with my user. Am I missing something?

    Thank you in advance


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