What are data attributes & does my website builder support them?

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A complete list of site builder integrations and what features are available on each.

What are data attributes?

Short answer: They let you add additional functionality to elements on a website.

Longer answer: Let's say you have a video on your homepage that you want to hide from members who are logged in. If your website builder allows for data attributes, you can add the data-ms-content="!members" attribute to the video to hide it. The attribute is essentially telling Memberstack, "Hey! This video is dynamic content, and I don't want members to see it."

Longer answer

Which site builders support data attributes?

In alphabetical order...

Carrd (🚩 no longer supported by Memberstack) - Supports data attributes. However, they need to be entered without quotation marks.

Duda (🚩 no longer supported by Memberstack) - Supports data attributes in Developer mode.

HTML & CSS - Supports data attributes.

Squarespace (🚩 no longer supported by Memberstack) - No native attribute support. Only available through code embeds.

Webflow - Native support for data attributes.

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