Why am I seeing a "Passwords cannot be submitted" message?

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Using Memberstack 2.0? There is an updated version of this article here.

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You may see "Passwords cannot be submitted" when one of the following happens:



A) You're already logged in → Your signup form may stop working if you are already logged in. Try logging out and signing up again.


B) You need to have at least one member → If you have no members on the members page, try adding one by clicking on the "Add Members" button on the right of the page.


C) Missing script → The Memberstack header script is required for passwords to submit. You can find your header script on the Install Code page.


D) Corrupted cookies → Try clearing your cookies. Cookies can get corrupted if you are making edits in Memberstack while trying to sign up in another window.


E) Too many forms → You can only have one login or signup form per page. If you have two signup forms on a page, only the first form will submit. The second form will throw the "Passwords cannot be submitted" error.


F) Outdated browser→ Memberstack only works with modern versions of Safari, Chrome, Edge, etc. We highly recommend avoiding Internet Explorer, although Memberstack is back-compatible with IE 11.


G) Login forms→ Make sure you link your login forms with the attributes.


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