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Temporary workarounds for approving new members.

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What and Why?

We don't have an official member approval feature yet, but we do have a few workarounds for you. These workarounds work best if you have a relatively small number of applicants/members/etc.


Option 1 - Create a "pending" membership

Step 1 → Create a "Pending approval" membership that doesn't grant access to anything. We recommend you:

  • Redirect new members to a "Pending approval" page

  • Also, use our Zapier integration to send yourself an alert when someone signs up.

Step 2 → Once you decide a member is approved, you can manually change their membership or ask them to sign up for a paid plan via a members-only pricing page.


Note: It's not possible to send emails on membership change at this time. You'll need to manually alert members by email if they are approved or denied.


Option 2 - Use an application form

Step 1 → Have members submit a regular contact form (this is nice because you'll receive an alert when new members "sign up").

Step 2 → Once you decide to approve a member, you can ask them to sign up or manually add them to a free membership on your site.


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