Track members with Nocodelytics in Webflow

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Josh Lopez
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Using Memberstack 2.0? There is an updated version of this article here.

How to integrate Nocodelytics with Memberstack and track members automatically.

What is Nocodelytics?

Nocodelytics is a Webflow analytics tool that makes it simple to track what your members are doing on your site.

Every user action (pages, clicks, form submissions, searches and more) is automatically tracked. It also integrates with Webflow’s CMS as well as third-party tools like Jetboost, so you can understand which CMS items are most popular and see what users are filtering.

How to integrate Memberstack with Nocodelytics

To integrate Memberstack, you’ll simply need to set up Nocodelytics’ tracking on your Webflow site.

Once you’ve done that, Nocodelytics will automatically capture a member’s details any time they sign up or log in. You’ll be able to view recently active members on the Members page within Nocodelytics.

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